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zhu97 [userpic]

Another Marine reaches the end of his rope and takes a plea deal..

February 18th, 2007 (10:52 pm)

NCIS should be proud of their work. The enemy certainly is.

"...the fifth of eight troops to plead guilty and be sentenced...Lance Cpl. Robert Pennington, 22, pled guilty to conspiracy and kidnapping. In exchange, prosecutors dropped murder, larceny and housebreaking charges."

[How many days and nights in solitary and chains did it take to break this kid?]

"...Pennington had made light of the murder by seizing the arm of the corpse and having it slap itself following the faked firefight."

"After five days of testimony and argument, a military judge sentenced Pennington to 14 years in a military jail and a dishonorable discharge, but the sentence was reduced to eight years by the plea agreement."