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zhu97 [userpic]

What does geology tell us?

February 18th, 2007 (11:00 pm)

Greenhouse gases are at record levels. Man-made from burning fossil fuels?

"...the rise in CO2 caused by the Great Plow-up in the 1900s. Most US soils went from 4-8% organic matter to 2-4% in a few decades. This carbon dump into the atmosphere was tons per acre. It dwarfs the yearly worldwide man-made CO2 production."

This planet is constantly changing. It just doesn't look like it to us; we are too short-lived. As throughout its history, Earth will go back and forth from fireball to iceball with various and wide permutations in between until its magnetic core stops and our atmosphere and oceans are blown into space, leaving it lifeless. This would be the normal progression for our planet. However, "normal" doesn't mean fated. A rogue comet, a Texas-sized meteor, a nearby gamma-ray burst or some disaster we don't even know about yet would make for a bad day and early end.